Back in 2007, a lot of people questioned the profitability of the iPhone since it was exclusively available on a handful of carriers in select countries only, and with the exception of its touchscreen, its features were pretty mundane compared to the other phones available during the time of its release.

3g-iphone3 years later, however, the scene has completely changed as the iPhone has proven through the years that is indeed a money maker for Steve Jobs’ empire. As a testament to this, Apple is proud to announce that in the 1Q 2010 which ended last December 26, 2009, they were able sell 8.7 million iPhones. That’s 100% growth as compared to the same quarter a year ago. The availability of the iPhone on other carriers probably has something to do with this tremendous growth, but we certainly can’t discount the fact that their current iPhone 3G S is an amazing device in its own right.

With more carriers soon to offer up the iPhone across the globe and a brand new model, the iPhone 4G, expected to be announced later this year, we don’t see any let down in iPhone sales this 2010. You can read the full Apple Q1 2010 report here.