iphone-4-osBGR just got word from one of their trusted Apple ninjas and found out some juicy details about the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 firmware. According to what was relayed to them, it will boast of a new UI and graphics to make it easier to navigate and more efficient to sue. Multi-touch gestures will also now be implemented OS-wide instead of just being limited to the viewing of pictures and internet surfing via the mobile Safari web browser. Multitasking will now finally be a reality as well and it will also feature a new way of syncing contacts and calendar applications. These are all good and we’re pretty certain that there’ll be more new features we'll hear about as we near its rumored launch date on January 27th. On a sad note, however, it was also disclosed that the iPhone OS 4.0 update will only be compatible with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S.

Most of the early adopters who bought the first-gen iPhone have probably upgraded to the current iPhone already, but those who haven’t will now have a new reason to do so. Anyway, this is yet to be confirmed so there's still hope for you 2G iPhone owners out there. For the time being, let’s get your voices in guys. Are you liking what iPhone OS 4.0 has to offer so far or are you looking for something more groundbreaking in Apple's next iPhone firmware release?