Still remember the Motorola Mirage we reported on at the start of the year? We don’t have confirmation yet on its specs, but the latest on the rumor mill suggests that this new Android-powered Motorola handset could be Google’s follow up to their first handset offering, the Nexus One.

motorola shadow render

These images are just a renders by the talented folks over at Moble01, but if the previously reported specs are spot on, then this baby certainly has what it takes to outclass the Nexus One in every department. Why ditch HTC in favor of Motorola? Given at how the Nexus One pretty much tanked when it came out as compared to the Motorola Droid, I think that should be enough reason for Google to consider a new partner in their next handset offering. Based on rumors circulating around the net, the Nexus Two, as many are calling it right now, will apparently with a QWERTY keypad and is aimed at corporate segment of the market. The Motorola Mirage lines up nicely with the QWERTY rumor though we’re still a bit hesitant to consider this as an enterprise device considering that it’s loaded with enhanced multimedia capabilities.


Anyway, before we get too far ahead of ourselves with this upcoming phone, let's not forget that this is still just a rumor that lacks substantial evidence to back it up. Hopefully, Motorola (or even Google) will finally make things official at the MWC next month since the Mirage was disappointingly a no-show at the recently concluded CES.