Way back in March of 2009, we posted a timetable for the roll out of the upcoming versions of the Symbian platform. Fast forward to the present, we now have a sneak peek at what Symbian^4 might look like.


This version, based on the timetable, should be functionally complete by mid-year with a hardened version by the end of 2010. The first batch if Symbian^4-base devices will probably be released by early 2011 with Nokia the likely candidate to lead the pack. We’ll see Symbian^3 first before this one sees any light of day, but I’m must admit, they’ve sure got us excited at what lies ahead. Do note, however, that this is still just a UI concept proposal and nothing’s final yet. With that being said, we sure wouldn’t mind if it actually debuts as such.


Aside from the aesthetic enhancements, the Qt framework-based Symbian^4 will also come with support for movable widgets, improved task switcher, a redesigned Control Panel, and a more streamlined interface which aims to vastly improving the whole user experience. For more info and the latest updates, you can follow the discussions surrounding Symbian^4 by heading on over here.