Droid Security flawOur latest post probably won’t interest most of you folks out there, but for those of you on Verizon who bought themselves a Motorola Droid just recently, read on as we’ve got bad news for you. A security flaw has been discovered in Android 2.0.1 which most Droid phones are running on right now that allows people bypass the lock screen. The good news is, according to The Assurer who first broke this story, this is limited to Droid phones only with Android 2.0.1 installed. So, what‘s the exact nature of the security flaw we’re actually talking about? If your Droid's screen is locked and it starts ringing and you answer it, by pressing the back button you’ll automatically be granted access to the homescreen and virtually every other feature on the phone. Google has issued a statement regarding this matter and assures Droid users that they’re already working an appropriate fix for this bug.

This certainly isn’t good news for Verizon Droid users, but at least Google is already on top of the whole issue. Hopefully, when the Motorola Milestone becomes available locally in Canada through Telus, it won’t be plagued with a similar security flaw or any other related issues.