Mobile Digital TV isn’t exactly a new thing, but despite the numerous advancements in the field of mobile phone technology, there are still only a limited number of devices that support this feature. Tivit, fortunately, has a simply solution: stream digital television broadcasts via WiFi to a compatible device.

tivit iphone

The Tivit dongle itself is pretty compact measuring 2x3.5-inches in size which is just slightly smaller than the average deck of cards. It currently supports WiFi-enabled BlackBerry smartphones, the iPhone 3G/3rd gen iPod Touch (the app is free to download and is already available at the App Store), and Motorola Android phones. We’re not quite sure why it’s only limited to Motorola-made Android handsets, but our guess is that they have an existing tie-up with the handset maker which will have the corresponding app installed already by default on their devices. A single battery charge can provide up to 3 hours of continuous digital TV streaming and can only support a single WiFi-enabled device at a time.

The Tivit dongle is scheduled to become available later this spring and will retail for $120. Tivit is definitely a cost-effective solution for those who want to enjoy digital TV while on the go since you get to retain your existing handset in the process. Let’s just hope that by the time this device is released there’s already a wider array of channels to enjoy on the digital broadcast network.