Motorola scored a big hit with their Android-powered QWERTY-equipped Droid touchscreen phone (coming to Telus as the Motorola Milestone). As such is the case, it doesn’t come as a complete surprise that they may be banking on Android once again as their OS of choice for their next two devices which might be debuting at CES next week.

Motorola Backflipmotorola sholes tablet

According to post on Barron’s, Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry is optimistic that Motorola “may announce” two new Android handsets at next week’s big event both of which will sport OLED touchscreen displays. One will be for Verizon while the other one, which will come with a physcial QWERTY keypad, will be for AT&T.

Those are some pretty generic specs, but if previous reports were to be taken into account, he could be referring to the Motorola Backflip (aka Enzo, Motus) which is headed for AT&T. Anyway, CES isn't that far away so it shouldn't be long now before we get the official details about this two new Android phones from Motorola.