If you’re a gadget junkie like me, you look forward to two major events at the start of every year – CES and MWC. Unfortunately, as far as MWC 2010 is concerned, it's starting to look a lot less exciting compared to previous years as two major exhibitors won’t be joining the annual event this coming February.

MWC 2010

Both Nokia and LG have confirmed that they won’t be putting up booths at MWC 2010 in Barcelona. Nokia Siemens will be there to represent the company's infrastructure division, but Nokia won’t. Confirmed by All About Phones from the Dutch division of LG Mobile, LG for their part has begged out of the event due to the high cost of booths, but will still be in Barcelona with a pavilion of their own separate from MWC itself. This more or less assures us that they still have a bunch of new goodies scheduled to be unveiled in February even though they won't be at MWC.

Hopefully, there won’t be other phone makers following suite since it’s already a big loss with two of the top three handset manufacturers in the world absent at the MWC 2010.