Videotron has just issued a press release concerning their 3G+ network set to roll-out next year. We now have a more specific time frame to look forward to as they’ve disclosed that they’re actually targeting summer of 2010 as the launch date of their new high-speed data network.
Videotron 3G+

Here’s what Robert Dépatie, President and CEO of Videotron, had to say about their latest endeavor:

We intend to launch a service that meets the highest quality standards that all customers have come to expect from Videotron. Videotron is determined to deliver on its promise of an unparalleled customer experience, to reflect our commitment to maintain our technological leadership and to offer what is best in the marketplace.

They didn’t go into specifics though as to the technical specifications of their new network, but since it’s still a long way to go before Videotron official launches their HSPA+ network, we’re expecting more details to surface in the coming months.