How many 3G+ service providers do we have in Canada? 3 - Rogers, Bell and Telus, right? Most of you will probably have the same answer, but according to Manon Brouillette, Executive VP, Strategy and Market development for Videotron, there are actually just two in Canada.

Videotron 3G+

In an article she wrote for the Financial Post earlier this month, she says:

The fact that Canadians have now two (not three — the Telus-Bell network is but one network) of the fastest wireless data networks in the world is indeed remarkable.

However, she does end her piece on a good note for those who feel the need for better competition in the HSPA+ arena as she goes on to reveal that Videotron has plans of launching an HSPA+ network in 2010.

When Videotron launches our HSPA+ network, Canada will then have three separate HSPA+ networks. Our service will be launched next year – Canadians will see more competition and competitive benefits.

No word though on when they'll exactly come out with it, but they have updated their website to let everyone know that their “3G+ latest generation network is coming up fast.” We’ll expecting to hear more from them as we slowly coast along the first few months of the new year.