With the dawn of a new year, new mobile phones are definitely looming on the horizon. One particular phone you can look out for in 2010 is the Espresso from HTC. The Espresso name is obviously just a codename, and apart from an unverified rumor that says it’ll come with a QWERTY keypad, we know very little about its specs.

New HTC Sense GUI on the Espresso

Fortunately, however, hdblog.it has managed to find these screenshots of its UI which is being purported as the revamped version of their Sense GUI that they introduced this year on the HTC Hero.

New HTC Sense GUI on the Espresso

The icons are now encased in a translucent frame, and the redesigned menu bar at the bottom of the screen now includes direct access to People.

We don’t know what else is new with it aside from the aesthetic changes so hopefully the MWC launch rumor will also be true so we can finally get all the official details on this new UI and the HTC Espresso phone.