One of the first major events that start off every year is CES. It showcases the latest and newest gadgets and innovations we can look forward to for the year, and according to Precentral, Palm CEO Jon Rubensetin has just confirmed that they’ll be launching their new webOS 1.3.5 at the annual event.

palm pre pixi

Aside from the usual bug fixes and mandatory performance enhancements, webOS 1.3.5 will also bring along with it more app storage, better WiFi, battery performance, and for the Palm Pixi in particular, increased speed and responsiveness. To date, only two Palm devices run on the webOS platform – the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. The Palm Pre has been available in Canada via Bell for quite sometime now, but the Pixi has yet to hit the local market. Rumor has it that Telus will be releasing the Palm Pixi in January but this has yet to be confirmed by the Canadian carrier.

Anyway, we’re pretty sure a significant number of you guys out there are already playing around with the Pre, and this latest firmware update should be very useful to you folks as well.