Since the release of the Motorola Droid, those who own an Android handset have been waiting on news on when they’ll be treated to an Android 2.0 update by their carrier. T-Mobile, the carrier who introduced the very first Android handset to the world courtesy of the G1 (aka HTC Dream), already announced that they’ll be coming out with one soon.

Sprint HTC Hero, Samsung Moment

US carrier rival Sprint, however, has chosen to go down a different route and completely forgo Android 2.0. They've just disclosed via their official Twitter account that they’ll be releasing an Android 2.1 update instead for their HTC Hero and Samsung Moment handsets. An exact release date wasn’t mentioned, but the Twitter post does go on to say that it will be released sometime in the first half of 2010. We’ve already gotten a sneak peek at what Android 2.1 has to offer courtesy of the first full body snapshots of the Google Nexus One, and it’s definitely worth looking forward to.

As far as Canada is concerned, Rogers is still mum if they’ll be releasing any firmware update for their Android-based subscribers. Both Telus and Bell, meanwhile, have yet to disclose their after-sales support for their Android offerings. Admittedly, things aren’t looking too bright right now for Canadian Android users, but we’re still being optimistic about the whole situation and hoping that either Bell or Telus is just waiting for 2010 to arrive before they announce any Android updates for loyal clients.