Further supporting the rumor that the Nexus One will be released as a Google-branded phone, Androidos reports that Google has actually filed a trademark application for the Nexus One name. This all went down last December 10 which should help convince skeptics out there who still doubt the authenticity of this device.


For those looking for a little more action, here’s a short video courtesy of TheNexusOne blog showcasing the animated start-up sequence on this upcoming Google phone that ends with a “Welcome to Nexus One” message. It’s pretty amusing, but it’s a little too lengthy in my opinion for a simple boot-up.

Our previous post pegs the release of the Nexus One on January 5 with Google selling it direct to consumers and T-Mobile the likely carrier to offer it up subsidized in the US. If it makes it to Canada, who would you guys want to sell this Android 2.1-based Snapdragon touchscreen phone locally – Rogers, Bell, Telus, or Wind Mobile?