Back in 2006, rumors surfaced that Google was working on a mobile phone called the Gphone. This was dispelled though a year later when company announced the Open Handset Alliance and the Android mobile platform. Today, however, it seems that those rumors weren't completely false as this new phone purported to be the Google phone has just surfaced.
Google Nexus One

This is the actually HTC Nexus One, a phone according to CoryOBrien's Twitter post that will be released next year as the Google Phone. It will be ship with Android 2.1 on-board and a Snaprdragon processor running under the hood. The exact display size wasn’t revealed, but it's confirmed to come with an OLED touchscreen. Engadget also found some pics posted on Picasa that were taken using the Nexus One which reveals that it comes packed with a 5-megapixel camera and flash.

Here are some shots by the Google Nexus One phone including some close-up images of it:



It sounds pretty interesting so far, but do note though that all of these still have to be confirmed. You'll also probably notice its uncanny resemblance to the HTC Passion. We're not quite sure what it's relation is to that particular HTC handset, but it could all just be a matter of semantics since both come with a Snapdragon processor and Android OS.

Anyway, word is that it will be launched in January so it might not be long now before this new Android phone gets officially announced by Google or someone else like HTC or a even a local carrier perhaps. We’ll report more on this as the story continues to develop in the coming weeks.