Rogers may have been the first to introduce the Android platform to the Canadian public, but it seems that they’re not willing to extend their services beyond just selling handsets. Case and point, unlike T-Mobile in the US who has already rolled out Android 1.6 to G1/Dream and MyTouch 3G/Magic users in the country since last October, those on Rogers in Canada have yet to receive their fair share of Donut goodness.


There have been a number of Android users in Canada who have tried to get confirmation from Rogers if an Android 1.6 or better yet 2.0 update will be made available to HTC Dream and Magic owners in the country, but unfortunately, the Canadian carrier refused to give a definitive answer. In fact, Android in Canada has even posted an open letter to Rogers asking them if and when an Android 1.6 and 2.0 update will be released in Canada. There is also a heated discussion on this topic found at Android Forums and a petition has also been posted online over here requesting Rogers to release an Android 1.6 update to subscribers in Canada.

We’re not sure if this petition or any other similar requests will actually be enough to pressure Rogers to come out with an Android 1.6 or 2.0 update, but if Bell and Telus who both now have an Android phone as part of their line-up step up their game, maybe Rogers will do the same. Anyway, all is not lost though for Rogers subscribers. Someone in the forum mentioned that an Android 1.6 update might become sometime in early 2010. We’ll have wait and see if this holds or better yet, maybe Rogers will finally issue an official statement on this issue or not.