This new touchscreen phone from Motorola that just hit the interwebs today courtesy of BGR is unquestionably another Android phone. What’s interesting to note here though is that this isn’t just your typical mobile phone as it’s reported to actually be an iDEN phone.


Codenamed as the Opus One, this is the first Android-powered iDen phone that's been reported in the news. We’re still clueless as to what its exact specs are. A built-in camera (rating still yet to be known) confirmed in one of the pictures below isn't surprising one bit given as to how it's now a regular staple in phones nowadays. The same can also probably be said about WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity though this isn't a guarantee by any means.


We neither have a clue as to when or where this Motorola Opus One Android iDen phone will be released, but if it does make it Canadian soil, Mike (Telus) is the likely candidate who could offer this baby up to interested subscribers in the country.