Last October, Bell announced that they will be releasing a mobile hotspot to interested subscribers in the form of the Novatel MiFi 2372. Back then, while we did have its specs, we didn’t have a retail price for this unique mobile HSPA-based hotspot.

bell novatel mifi 2372

Fast forward to the present, it's now available on Bell and is retailing for $99.95 on a 3-year contract, $149.95 on a 2-year deal, and $199.95 for a single year. Opting to get the MiFi 2372 without any contract will cost $250. Here’s what Adel Bazerghi, Senior Vice President of Products at Bell Mobility, had to say about their new offering:

We’re excited to be the first wireless provider to introduce Canadians to the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot and the convenience of portable Wi-Fi access.

The Novatel MiFi 2372 is the ideal device for those who travel a lot and want to connect multiple devices such as laptops and mobile phones to single 3G-based internet connection. The MiFi 2372 supports up to 7.2Mbps HSDPA connectivity, and allows up to 5 devices to connect to it simultaneously through WiFi. If you want more details about the Bell Novatel MiFi 2372, you can head on over here for more info.