At first glance, this new touchscreen phone from HTC can easily pass as the Windows Mobile 6.5-powered HTC Touch2. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that it lacks one fundamental feature, a Windows home key.

htc touch.b

We don’t have the full specs of this HTC phone yet, but based on what’s being reported about it, this baby will apparently run on Android and is currently being referred to as the HTC Touch.B (previously rumored as the HTC Rome). Unfortunately, this set of pictures is all we have at the moment.

MobiFrance, the guys who graciously shared these snapshots of the HTC Touch.B online, however, promises that more info will become available in the coming days. Rest assured, we’ll be reporting them to you guys ASAP once they hit the interwebs.


UPDATE: A video of the HTC Touch.B is now available, and unfortunately, it's confirmed that it's actually not an Android phone. Check it out here.