We know that Samsung is working on a Linux-based mobile OS of their own called Bada which will co-exist with Symbian, and that the first batch of handsets running on this new platform will hit the scene sometime in 2010. What we don’t is what it’ll look and what it can do. Fortunately though, we won’t have to wait long to find out as they’ll be unveiling Bada to the public next week on December 8th in London.


Can Bada equal the success of the Android platform? Is it a worthy alternative to Windows Mobile, Symbian and the other established mobile operating systems out now? Will Bada become the signature OS on majority of Samsung’s handsets? These are just some of the questions we’re hoping will be answered once it makes its grand debut in London.

What we’re pretty sure of, however, based on the invite is that Samsung is very optimistic that their investment in developing their own OS will pay dividends for them. We can't say we blame them for their positive outlook since they've pretty much made all the right decisions in the last couple of years landing them at a strong no. 2 spot in the mobile phone industry, and even finishing no. 1 in Canada in 2008.