No, this isn’t another leaked shot of Windows Mobile 7, but based on its appearance, this could very well be the bridge that connects Windows Mobile 6.5 to the next iteration of Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Second Edition?

Dubbed by the::unwired as Windows Mobile 6.5 Second Edition, the visual changes are pretty obvious. Buttons that used to be located at the top have now been moved to the bottom, but apart from that, we’re still in the dark as to what other features this new version of Windows Mobile will come with. On the good side, however, mopocket has confirmed with a Microsoft representative that the company is indeed working on a new UI for Windows Mobile. The rep didn’t divulge its version name or when it will possibly be released, but he did go on to say that it won’t be called Windows Mobile 6.5.1 and that it’s meant for capacitive touchscreen-equipped handsets.

Unfortunately, this is as good as it gets at the moment. Anyway, given that Windows Mobile 7 is expected to be announced in March 2010, we’re optimistic that more details will surface in the coming weeks giving us more insight on this leaked new UI for Windows Mobile.