We don’t have an exact figure as to how many people out there are still jailbreaking their iPhones, but if you’re one of those particular individuals, we highly suggest you read this latest news bit.


A report by the BBC has confirmed the existence of a malicious worm floating around that affects jailbroken iPhones. Recently, two iPhones worms have also been reported in the news but both were not as serious as this one. This latest worm gives hackers the ability to access and control the iPhone remotely. F-Secure research director Mikko Hypponen shared his view on this new iPhone worm with the BBC:

It's the second iPhone worm ever and the first that's clearly malicious - there's a clear financial motive behind it.

On a good note, however, it's currently isolated in the Netherlands and only affects jailbroken iPhones with SSH installed. This will undoubtedly give Apple added leverage in their battle against the jailbreak movement as well and will help discourage individuals from hacking their iPhones. Nonetheless, this still raises the question as to how secure Apple’s mobile phone really is and just until when will non-jailbroken iPhones remain virus/worm-free.