Windows MobileWe’re nearing the last stretch of 2009, and so as to get Windows Mobile fan boys out there further excited for 2010, Microsoft has just confirmed that they will announce Windows Mobile 7 in March of next year. This is according to a report by Neowin who got this latest tidbit from no less that Microsoft Office Vice President Kurt Delbene. It will officially be announced at the MIX 2010 conference in March which is in line with current rumors pinning its launch in Q1 with a release happening in Q3 2010.

Unfortunately, confirming its launch in March was as far as he went and didn't discuss anything else regarding the upcoming iteration of Windows Mobile.

windows office mobile 2010

However, they did briefly post the screenshot of its interface above on their Office Mobile 2010 website which bares an uncanny resemblance to what has been previously leaked in the past. Those wishing to view the image from the source are out of luck though as they've pulled it off their site already. Anyway, we’ll report more on this once new details become available.