Due to a major setback resulting from their failure to meet Canadian ownership rules, new carrier Wind Mobile, also referred to as Globalive, won’t be launching anytime soon. As a result, there’s now talk of what could happen to its spectrum license.

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Rogers has gone on record expressing their interest in the beleaguered carrier’s currently idle spectrum. Here’s what Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed was quoted as saying last Friday:

Spectrum is a very valuable asset. Rogers for sure would be interested in picking it up.

Roger is not alone in this. Bell had already made their intentions known since last month during the CRTC hearings:

The spectrum is to be forfeited and returned to industry Canada… Industry Canada will then re-auction the returned spectrum…. Bell Canada is prepared buy up to 50% of it for up to 50% of the price payed by Globalive.

Of course, the fight is not over for Wind Mobile, and whatever talk there is right now about the future of their spectrum is just that – pure talk only. It’s still an open-ended story for the time being, but it would be very unfortunate if they're not able to work things out as the industry could certainly use some new blood to perk it up a bit for disgruntled subscribers who are grown tired of the usual fare.