Digitimes reports that Samsung Vice President Don Joo Lee has confirmed that they are indeed giving Symbian the boot supporting an earlier report that the Korea-based company will no longer support the said platform.


Both Android and Windows Mobile have been retained, and in lieu of Symbian will be their new in-house developed mobile OS called Bada. They’re still mum on what it will feature, but they do have high hopes for 2010.

Samsung's handset shipments will top 200 million units in 2009 and the volume is likely to increase 10-20% in 2010, buoyed by the development of new technologies and the launch of new models.

Given that Samsung has consistently performed well year over year especially in Canada, it’s not hard to see why their very optimistic of the future.

I just can’t say the same for Nokia and Symbian platform. On the upside though, they’ve got a new Meamo OS on their hands which debuted on the Nokia N900 and initial reviews on it aren't so bad. Maybe that will be the new premiere OS for the Finnish company.


UPDATE: Samsung has issued an official statement already refuting these reports. You can read more about it here.