Samsung and the Symbian platform has had a pretty good relationship so far. The mobile operating system mostly associated with Finnish phone maker Nokia has helped Samsung rake in some additional handset sales while the Korean-based phone manufacturer has, in turn, contributed to the dominance of the Symbian platform in the mobile OS wars.


However, according to HM Investment Securities, the honeymoon will be over by 2011, the year when Samsung will stop making Symbian-powered handsets. They’ve plotted out Samsung’s OS roadmap for the next couple of years, and aside from Symbian getting the booth, their Windows Mobile-based line-up will also be significantly trimmed down. This is a direct result of their growing Android collection, 10 of which will debut next year, and the launch of their own Linux-based OS. As you can see in the chart above, by 2012, Symbian will completely be out of the picture and Windows Mobile will just be a meager 20% of their entire smartphone line-up.

We’re not too sure how reliable and accurate this report is, but if true, the future certainly doesn’t look bright for the Symbian platform with Samsung leaving their active roster.