Patent infringement lawsuits aren’t new in this day and age, but what’s interesting here is that it’s Apple who’s getting sued this time around.


The Cupertino-based company known for aggressively going after those who infringe on their patents is now being sued by Nokia for the very same reason. The Finnish phone maker says that at least 10 patents were infringed on by Apple that covers security and encryption, wireless data, and speech coding. They further go on to reveal that this has actually been going on since the very first iPhone that was introduced back in 2007. A lawsuit has already been filed with the Federal District Court in Delaware in the US, and if proven true, could net Nokia a hefty sum. You can read the full announcement here.

We’re a bit curious why it Nokia so long to go after Apple if indeed they have been infringing on their patents since 2007. Could it be because they’re a bit strapped for cash due to their poor performance in previous quarters or has their legal department decided to show some teeth after 2 years of remaining passive on the whole issue and go after court veteran Apple? Anyway, whatever the reason is for the inaction, the patent infringement lawsuit is here and it will be an interesting, if not entertaining, case to follow where the hunter is now the hunted.