Following Nokia, Sony Ericsson has posted their Q3 sales figures. Sales, as expected, remained a far cry from their glory days, down by a massive 40% compared to the third quarter of 2008. Shipments also dropped by an equally disappointing 45% to just 14.1 million units from a high of 25.7M last year.


On a positive note, shipments were actually up on a quarterly basis from 13.8 million in the second quarter. Gross margin also improved from 12% last quarter to 16% in Q3. To further boost investor confidence, Sony Ericsson has announced that they’ve secured financial backing to further strengthen their position as they aim to make a comeback in the industry. You can find the complete announcement and Q3 figures here.

Admittedly, Sony Ericsson still has a long way to go before they can recover from their dismal position in the market. Given how they’ve managed to turn things around and improve on their shipments from the previous quarter however, it appears they’re now out of a slump they’ve been in for the past several months with some semblance of green shoots now starting to appear.