Fans of Google Street View wanting to see more of Canada will be happy to know that we're now included in Google’s premiere street view service.

Toronto on Google Street View

After getting the thumbs down from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada back in 2007, it seems that things are looking a little more favorable for Google as they’ve now gotten approval to feature some Canadian cities in their virtual street tour service. Calgary, Montreal, Metro Vancouver, Ottawa, and Greater Toronto are just some of the cities in the Great North that you can now view 360-degrees on the street level in Google Maps as well as on the iPhone via its Maps app. As far as privacy is concerned, no need to worry here as the people's faces and plate numbers of the vehicles included in the street view images have been blurred beyond recognition.

Street View has been available on Google Mobile Maps since September of last year, and expanded its reach to S60 and Windows Mobile devices in December. Canada joins the likes of Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Japan that are now viewable through Google Street View. This isn’t by any means a ground-breaking development, but it’s always nice to known that one's country is now part of a bigger virtual community.