Back in June, the European Commission and a significant number of mobile phone manufacturers agreed to implement a universal charging solution on mobile phones by the year 2010. Now, from the looks of it, it appears that the US will follow suit.


According to a report by the AFP, the CTIA Wireless Assocation is pushing for the implementation of standardized 3.5mm earphone jacks and micro-USB ports on all mobile phones in the US. They’re hoping that this will gain support over the months to come and can be implemented as early as February 2012. This will not only help consumers cut back on spending, allowing them to use their old phone chargers with phones from a different manufacturer, but will also greatly reduce electronic wastes that continue to pollute our planet. US FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has expressed his support and has even gone on the record:

I strongly support these steps and I look forward to their timely implementation.

With this latest development, it appears that the GSMA’s dream of having a universal charging solution for mobile phones globally is now slowly inching towards reality. So, how about you Asia? When will you hop on board this initiative and promote a common charging port for mobile phones in your part of the globe?