pre-on-itunes-rm-engThe whole Palm Pre iTune syncing issue is shaping up to be an intense cat-and-mouse game between Palm and Apple. After controversially enabling iTunes syncing when the Palm Pre was first released, Apple quickly pulled the rug from under Palm’s feet with the release of iTune 8.2.1. Palm countered this with webOS 1.1.0 which was good until Apple recently went public with iTune 9.0.1. Now, Palm has once again released new webOS firmware (1.2.1) which re-enables iTunes syncing. Apart from switching on this highly contested feature, webOS 1.2.1 now also syncs photo albums and resolves certain issues regarding Exchange 2007 and streaming music. For more details on webOS 1.2.1, you can check it out here.

So, if you’ve been wanting to upgrade to iTunes 9.0.1 all this time and haven’t done so for fear of losing the ability to sync up your Palm Pre with your music collection, you can now safely do so as webOS 1.2.1 has addressed this issue. Enjoy it while it lasts as we're pretty certain that Apple's cooking up something as we speak to disable this feature yet again.