On paper, we know that the upcoming HTC Leo is no slouch. After extensively been photographed and shown off on video, we’ve now got some benchmark scores to back that data up.


Compared to the HTC Touch HD, 3D benchmark scores are astounding across the board with a low (if you can call it that) of 362% improvement in the alpha texture (128×256 rgba) test and a remarkable 1822% mark up in torus (3k triangles) one light. These figures are courtesy of Belefonte who apparently got to spend some quality time with the Snapdragon-powered Leo. We won’t go into detail as to the rest of the benchmark results, but believe me, there’s very little to get to disappointed over the Leo as far as performance is concerned. For number crunchers, you can view the rest of the scores at WMPoweruser.

Needless to say, this behemoth is definitely head and shoulders above the HTC Touch HD and probably the rest of the pack as well. Now, if we only knew how much it would actually cost, then we could start saving up for this monster of a touchscreen phone. On a little side note, they also mentioned that the SBP Benchmark software identified the Leo as the HTC HD2 T8585 which more or less supports an earlier report, and our assumption, that this will debut as the Touch HD2.