It’s been a while since we last heard or spotted the Samsung M8920, the company’s other 12-megapixel phone apart from the Pixon 12. However, we’re lucky enough to get a look at it again albeit coming with a different. Luck is a very apt word here considering that this is just the second time this elusive phone has posed for the camera since it was first reported to exist back in June.

Samsung M8920/SCH-W880 12-megapixel phone

Courtesy of Samsung Hub, it’s being referred to as the Samsung SCH-W880 this time around, but make no mistake, this is still the M8920 just renamed and branded for SK Telecom in Korea. When this will happen is beyond us, but from what we can tell based on this picture, it could happen this year. Unfortunately, aside from this much clearer picture of its back/camera side, we still have very little to work on as far as this Samsung phone's other specs are concerned. We’re still looking at WiFi, GPS, DLNA support, 3x optical zoom, and Xenon flash as its confirmed feature set at the moment.

Nonetheless, with its imminent launch in Korea, it might not be long now before we see the Samsung M8920 12-megapixel phone released internationally as well. When that happens, rest assured, we’ll be here to report it to you guys ASAP.