Photographers' 500px App Booted by Apple Due to Nudity
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500px had been in the Apple App Store since October 2011, and the Toronto start-up that created the popular online photography community submitted for review an updated version of the photo-sharing app. Following a review, Apple quickly pulled the 500px app, as well as recent acquisition ISO500, due to concerns that it allowed users to search for nude photos in the app. 500px founder and COO Evgeny Tchebotarev points out that unlike other photo-sharing services, 500px defaulted to a "safe search" mode which hid nude photos. He added that the "nude photos" are not pornographic but artistic by nature. The apps - which already have more than a million downloads to iOS devices - are expected to be reinstated as soon Apple's concerns are addressed.

What Else You Need To Know

  • The Android version of 500px is still available for download at Google Play.
  • 500px relies on its community to flag inappropriate images that uploaded, but it's working on technology that would automatically tag nude photos.
  • Pronounced "five hundred pixels", 500px is popular among aspiring and professional photographers and has more than 1.5 million registered users.

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It's important to remember we're not talking with porn here. 500px doesn't allow porn. We're talking about nudity in artistic photography. - Rene Ritchie, iMore  
Apple has removed photography community app 500px from the App Store for allowing access to nude images, despite a hoard of other apps that provide even more NSFW content. - Andrew Couts, Digital Trends  
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The apps were pulled from the App Store this morning around 1 AM Eastern, and had completely disappeared by noon today. The move came shortly after last night’s discussions with Apple related to an updated version of 500px for iOS, which was in the hands of an App Store reviewer.

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It's important to remember we're not talking with porn here. 500px doesn't allow porn. We're talking about nudity in artistic photography. Apple's always made it clear they had two developer platforms, the App Store for curated apps, and web apps for anything goes.

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