'Phenomenal,' Right-Sized Devices From Motorola Up Next

Motorola, which was purchased by Google for a whopping $12.5 billion in May 2012, is lining up what a Google executive claims to be a "phenomenal" set of products. Speaking at AllThingsD's Dive into Mobile conference today, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt described Motorola's next products as "very impressive," without providing any details and without confirming the rumored superphone dubbed as the Motorola X phone. When pressed on whether the products are tablets or just phones, Schdmit said to "think of them as phones-plus."

What Else You Need To Know

  • Motorola's design chief, Jim Wicks, told PC Mag that Motorola's upcoming phones would offer a pure Google experience with an unadulterated (stock) version of Android, and won't have gigantic screens as the company would align with a philosophy "better is better" rather than "bigger is better."
  • In February Google CFO Patrick Pichette reportedly admitted that Motorola's pipeline were "not really to the standards that what Google would say is wow — innovative, transformative."

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As devices become more powerful, specs are almost becoming irrelevant, with software and functionality taking center stage. - Ian Kersey, Into Mobile  
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