Patent Lawsuit Costs BlackBerry maker RIM $147 Million

From bad to worse, that's how things are going for RIM. Today, a California jury ruled that the beleaguered purveyor of BlackBerries was in violation of software patents and ordered the company to pay royalties for every BlackBerry device connected to its enterprise server software.

What You Need To Know:

- Jurors determined that RIM’s Blackberry Enterprise Server application infringes on patents owned by Mformation for software that remotely manages a wireless device over a wireless network.

- RIM must an $8 royalty for each of the 18.4 million non-government-issued U.S. BlackBerry devices, bringing the total to $147.2 million.

- Damages for future sales outside the US and to government customers, could double, or triple the amount owing.

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Of course, there’s never a good time to get hit with a $147.2 million court bill, but it’s hard to imagine the timing being much worse for RIM. - Daniel Frankel, gigaOM  
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As a result of a wireless patent lawsuit brought on by Mformation back in 2008, RIM has been directed to cough up $147.2 million in total (based on 18.4 million BlackBerry units sold in the United States).

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RIM responded to the decision saying they are “disappointed by the outcome and is evaluating all legal options.

Wireless Patent Lawsuit Costs RIM $147.2 Million.  

RIM is hanging by a thread, losing customers by the day and seeing continually falling share prices.

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A California court found Research In Motion guilty of infringing on a mobile device management patent held by a company called Mformation. Mformation sued RIM in 2008 over a patent that "remotely manages a wireless device over a wireless network."

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RIM is no stranger to these sorts of legal setbacks — the company lost the right to use the “BBX” name for their new mobile operating system late last year, and was (unsuccessfully) sued by over the BBM trademark by a Canadian broadcast measurement organization.

From bad to worse: jury directs RIM to pay $147.2M