Ouya Passes FCC, Touts 10,000 Developers
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The $99 Android-powered gaming console known as Ouya has cleared the U.S. Federal Communications Commission -- indicating that the company behind the crowd-funded console is on target with its plans to release the device June 4th and send the consoles to all backers by June 4. The company said that over 10,000 developers are now on board to provide free-to-play apps. Unlike other Android devices, Ouya does not have access to Google Play, and will instead have its own store for apps and games.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Game industry veteran Julie Uhrman founded the Ouya project in 2012 and quickly raised $8 million via crowd-funding site Kickstarter.
  • The 50,000 people who pledged over $99 each to OUYA's campaign are slated to receive their Ouya before the device will be released to the public.

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