Nook Video Has Top Titles, Download Option and Runs on Non-B&N Tablets

Aside from introducing its second wave of Nook Tablets, Barnes & Noble announced the Nook Video, a service that lets users directly buy digital copies of hi-def movies and TV shows directly from their devices. Nook Video will be available on the upcoming 7-inch Nook HD and a 9-inch Nook HD+ as well as non-B&N devices through an app. With popular titles like The Avengers available for both streaming and download, Nook Video is B&N's answer to Amazon's Instant Video and Apple's iTunes, as well as sites Netflix and Hulu. B&N has partnered with HBO, Sony Pictures, Starz, Viacom and Warner Brothers to provide top content.

What Else You Need To Know

  • B&N said the platform would be available in the fall but has not announced the subscription fees.
  • The video service will store content on the Nook's cloud system, granting users unlimited access to entertainment on multiple devices.
  • Available starting at $199, the Nook HD boasts of the highest quality display in the 7-inch category with a 1440 x 900 pixel resolution at 243 ppi (Nexus 7 just has 216 ppi) and, at 315 grams, is lighter than the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD. With a price tag starting at $269, the Nook HD+ claims to be the lightest full HD tablet ever invented, weighing just 515 grams (iPad 3 weighs 652 grams) and packs a resolution of 1920 x 1280 at 256 ppi (in line with new iPad's 264 ppi Retina display).

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Barnes & Noble says that Nook Video mobile apps will be available, but it’s not clear as to what operating systems you’ll seem them on. - Craig Lloyd, Android Community  
The Nook Video service will enable users to rent or buy movies and TV shows such as The Avengers, Brave, The Dark Knight, Game of Thrones, The Daily Show, and more. - Melanie Pinola, Tech Hive  
Barnes & Noble Announces Nook Video Apps, Launching This Fall  

[T]he service stores content in the Nook Cloud, much like Amazon’s digital locker, so that you can watch the content from anywhere, including other tablets, TVs, the web, and smartphones using free Nook Video apps.

Barnes & Noble launching Nook Video this fall with a little help from HBO, Sony, Disney, Viacom, more  

The fruits of those partnerships include standard and high-def movies and TV shows like The Avengers, Brave, The Amazing Spider-man, Breaking Bad, The Daily Show and Game of Thrones, which can be watched on Nooks, and non-Barnes & Noble tablets and smartphones, courtesy of a forthcoming free app from the retailer, letting you pick up where you left off on different devices.

Barnes & Noble to launch video service for Nook
Barnes & Noble to launch Nook Video service this fall  

Supported devices have yet to be announced, though we expect both an Android and iOS offering as the company looks to bring more video subscribers into the fold.

Barnes & Noble announces Nook Video service with content from HBO, Viacom, and Disney
Barnes & Noble announces Nook Video service for US and UK  

Once purchased, videos will be stored in the Nook Cloud, so will be accessible across devices through the free to download applications to be launched. They will also be able to be downloaded to a device in order to watch when no internet connection is available.

The Wall Street Journal
Barnes & Noble to Launch Nook Video Service
Nook Video is B&N’s answer to existing Amazon Prime Video  

Amazon is the king of content, at least when compared to the Nook line. But despite Amazon’s clear head start in the content business, Nook Video seems to be pulling out all the punches thanks to the addition of some extremely heavy hitters including HBO, Sony, Warner Brothers, Viacom and Disney.

Microsoft helps Barnes and Noble announce Nook Video
Tech Radar
Nook Video announced for US and UK  

The list of content providers is certainly impressive with movies and TV shows from the likes of Disney, HBO, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, STARZ, Viacom and Warner Bros.