Nokia CEO Hints at Tablets, Doesn't Rule Out Android
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Nokia, which inked a partnership with Microsoft in 2011 to transition to Windows Phones, could be poised to enter the increasingly crowded tablet market, and it doesn't have to be a Windows-running slate. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told reporters in Sydney that the Finnish handset maker is clearly "looking at [tablets] very closely". With Microsoft introducing the Surface tablet, Nokia's "still trying to learn from that and understand what the right way to participate would be and at what point in time." He did not rule out Android tablets, instead saying that Nokia would "consider any option."

What Else You Need To Know

  • Elop clarified that the company's immediate focus would be on the Microsoft side as having a Windows tablet would enable it to deliver an integrated experience with its Windows-running Lumias.
  • In the same interview with Australian reporters, Elop acknowledged that Nokia for now couldn't compete with Android and Apple's iOS in sales but said that it could challenge BlackBerry for the third spot in the smartphone market.

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We’ve seen a lot of criticism for Windows RT lately and Nokia has to be careful what OS they release their tablet with… Win 8 Pro or Win RT. - Radu Iorga, Tablet News  
While there’s also the chance that Nokia will choose Android for its tablets, it would certainly make a lot more sense for it to go for Windows once again, as it did for the Lumia series, especially since this would enable it to deliver an integrated experience. - Ionut Arghire, Softpedia  
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The last time Nokia has been linked to a tablet device was when Digitimes reported it has initiated discussion with Taiwan based manufacturers such as Qualcomm and Compal Electronics to put together the tablet. There were also talk of the tablet to come with two batteries, one standard while another fitted in the keyboard.

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So, there you have it, guys, even though Nokia is considering all possible options for a tablet OS, if such a device does indeed come to the market, it will most probably be powered by Windows Phone.

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Unsurprisingly, Nokia's CEO also hinted that any tablet that his company creates would likely run Windows, and rumors surrounding the upcoming tablet claim that it'll run the RT flavor of Windows. It's been said that Nokia could finally unveil its new tablet device at Mobile World Congress later this month.

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