Nexus 7 sold out across the USA
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Within days of hitting the shelves, the Google Nexus 7 is already sold out across the USA. The 8GB model of the Nexus 7 is still available at the Google Play Store though but the 16GB variant is already out of stock and is listed as “coming soon.”

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- Major retailers such as Costco, GameStop, Sam's Club, Office Depot, and Staples have already run out of stock and are currently trying to bring more in.

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If you’re having trouble trying to find a Nexus 7, you’re definitely not alone. - Mark Hearn, TechnoBuffalo  
It’s an amazing feat to behold when a company makes a device so popular that it sells out in one store, much less the entirety of the USA – but that’s what Google is doing with the Nexus 7. - Chris Burns, SlashGear  
Nexus 7 sells out across the USA
Nexus 7 sees "incredible demand", sells out at major retailers  

The Nexus 7 has already sold out at retailers such as GameStop, Staples, and Costco.

Tech Radar
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The long-awaited Google Nexus 7 tablet has finally been released, a mere few weeks after its announcement at Google IO 2012, and already it's sold out at several major retailers.

16GB Nexus 7 Sold out from Google Play
Nexus 7 Sold Out in USA, Retailers Struggling to Meet Demand  

The Google Nexus 7 is starting to look like a hit and it’s such a big success, that new users are having a hard time getting hold of a unit these days.

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