Display issue plaguing the Google Nexus 7?

Reports are coming in that the Google Nexus 7 is plagued with display issues. Apparently, the screws at the rear of the tablet are a bit loose causing the display to slightly lift. There are also reports that some Nexus 7 slates have dead pixels.

What You Need To Know:

- Affected owners of the Nexus 7 are advised to have their tablets exchanged while those brave enough can pop off the back cover of the slate and tighten the loose screws a bit to hold the display in place.

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In any case, new consumer electronics suffering from minor issues at launch is nothing new... - Bryan Bishop, The Verge  
While we know the demand for this device is high, we’re starting to think that Google and ASUS may want to take a closer look at the tablet’s quality control process. - Mark Hearn, TechnoBuffalo  
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Google’s Nexus 7 tablets have just started to arrive at doorsteps, but users are already complaining that the slates suffer from faulty displays.

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We liked the Nexus 7 quite a bit when we took a look at it last month, but some units appear to be suffering from a problem: namely, the screen is popping up from the housing.

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The Nexus 7 may be the Android tablet that would be king, but to some unlucky customers it’s becoming a bit of a headache.

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