Motorola "Unlock My Device" web site launched to help users officially unlock bootloaders
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Motorola has put together a tool called Unlock My Device in order to help users of its Android-powered products unlock bootloaders and install all manner of third-party software if they so choose. Unlock My Device is made available in the form of a web site, and from the looks of it is still a work in progress. It is expected to inch closer to completion over the weekend, but any Motorola smartphone owner may feel free to check it out today.

What Else You Need To Know:

- Motorola's new bootloader unlocking tool will allow just about anyone to install custom Android ROMs or any other type of third-party software on their devices.

- Motorola warns that carrier restrictions on unlocked devices may apply.

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Great news guys. We can finally enjoy some of the best Android hardware without Motorola’s terrible software. - Cory Gunther, Android Community  
Droid Life
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Naturally, there are about one million warnings and hoops to jump through, but it has finally come.

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It’s safe to say they are getting all the pieces into place, and will add devices throughout the weekend.

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