Microsoft Surface tablets to get at least 4 years of official support

Based on new information posted recently on Microsoft's own web site, there will be at least four full years of official Mainstream Support for the Surface tablet with Windows RT. This comes nearly a month after the Surface was first formally launched, and shows that Microsoft has a good plan for moving forward with its tablet offerings after all. The scope of support for Surface includes hardware repairs and replacements for all units that are still under warranty, as well as free software updates. While four years may be a bit shorter than what Microsoft normally offers in terms of support for Windows, it's a pretty good support scheme overall; it's a guarantee that it will take at least four years for the Surface tablet to be completely obsolete, unlike other popular tablets on the market right now.

What Else You Need To Know

  • The Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows RT runs a special mobile-only version of Windows 8 that uses the Modern user interface and can only run RT apps instead of x86-based desktop programs.

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While I strongly believe that more needs to be done to educate prospect buyers on the subtle differences between Windows RT and Windows 8, I’m glad that Microsoft has finally woken up to the need of announcing its support policy for RT. - Guarav Kheterpal, TheTelecomBlog  
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