Microsoft launches Xbox Music for WP8, iOS and Android versions in the pipeline

Microsoft has just announced a new music service that it plans on rolling out to users officially starting tomorrow in an attempt to create a viable Apple iTunes competitor. The new service, called Xbox Music, launches on the upcoming Windows 8 OS and will be made available as a free ad-supported streaming service. There will also be a cross-platform premium version that costs $10 a month and is expected to work with the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 8 handsets.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Xbox Music will be made available for iOS and Android some time in the future.

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There is no doubt that Microsoft has the power to build something to rival iTunes however past attempts have never been that great. The Zune hardware and software was always hindered by its lack of international availability and it remains to be seen if this service will roll out internationally either. - Chris Oldroyd, iMore  
Whether you think Microsoft wants to be Apple, or not, the company continues to roll out products designed to compete with its major rival. - Wayne Williams, Beta News  
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Microsoft to launch Xbox music service  

Microsoft is to launch a new Xbox music service to compete with Apple's iTunes and Amazon's Cloud Player.

Microsoft announces Xbox Music iTunes competitor, coming to PC, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices  

Xbox Music on Android and iOS will look very much like Xbox Music on Windows Phone 8, which itself in many ways follows the style formerly known as Metro.

Xbox Music set to officially start rolling out tomorrow  

Microsoft have now officially unveiled their new music service. Simply called Xbox Music, it's going to begin rolling out tomorrow.

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Microsoft to launch new Xbox Music service, iOS app in the works
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Microsoft launches Xbox music service to rival Itunes and Spotify
Xbox Music Launching October 16th To Fight iTunes, Spotify. Support Android And iOS Too!  

Microsoft is trying their hand at the digital music scene again, this time with Xbox Music.

Microsoft To Launch Xbox Music Tomorrow Alongside New Xbox 360 Dashboard  

Microsoft is setting it sights on taking on music streaming service Spotify with its own Xbox Music streaming service. The new service, which launches tomorrow on Xbox 360, will then be rolled out to Windows 8, their newly announced Surface tablet and Windows Phone 8.

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Microsoft To Launch Xbox Music Service To Compete With Apple’s iTunes; Coming To iOS Devices
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Microsoft set to launch Xbox Music with free unlimited streaming  

This week, Microsoft will step up its competition with Apple's iTunes with the launch of Xbox Music, a new service that offers unlimited streaming to Microsoft devices, including PCs running Windows 8.