Microsoft details improvements on Windows Phone 8
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Microsoft took the opportunity to explain some of the new features of Windows Phone 8 during Nokia's recent Lumia event where the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 were both unveiled. Most of the changes center around the camera feature, so there have been changes relating to how the camera app is used as well as how photos are ultimately captured and saved. Windows Phone 8 also offers a more customizable Start screen, a new version of Internet Explorer 10 with multiple tab support, and an integrated screenshot feature.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Windows Phone 8 will be available through select Nokia, Samsung, and HTC handsets before the end of 2012.

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One of the new upcoming features in Windows Phone 8 is: screenshots! We actually knew this was coming, but hey, at least it took Microsoft only a couple of years. - Robin Wauters, The Next Web  
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Microsoft Provides Windows Phone 8 Details
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At long last, Microsoft adds support for taking screenshots in Windows Phone 8  

One of the new upcoming features in Windows Phone 8 is: screenshots!

Microsoft reveals new features in Windows Phone 8: screenshots, updated camera app
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Microsoft Details New Features In Windows Phone 8  

Some of them we already know, some we don’t.

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Windows Phone 8 was announced a while ago, but the manager of the Windows Phone platform took the stage to share a couple new bits of info about the forthcoming mobile operating system.

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Microsoft beefs up Windows Phone 8 camera phone features  

Windows Phone 8 devices will offer new camera features including screen shots, Bing searches, and 360-degree panoramas.