Lexibook Tablet for Kids Launches in the U.S. for $237
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Lexibook is bringing its Android kiddy-tablet to the U.S. on September 15th. The French educational devices maker did not divulge the specs of the $237 slate, other than saying that the new tablets would be available nationwide with previews at Toys R Us stores, would have a high definition tactile screen, a kid friendly interface, a camera with photo editing software, and high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

What Else You Need To Know:

- Lexibook said the tablet has built-in apps tailored for toddlers to pre-teens, including School Zone apps, 200 pre-loaded e-books, 25 games, and 52 discovery activities, as well as access to the Lexibook Market, which has 10,000 apps for kids.

- Lexibook tablets currently available in Europe have a pre-installed Android Froyo operating system, a seven-inch display, 600MHz processor, 256MB RAM, 4GB storage (expandable to 16GB with an microSD card), parental controls and 802.11 b/g WiFi.

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Running Android (version unknown), the Lexibook tablet comes with all the features that any kid’s tablet should have which includes built-in parental controls that will allow the parents to keep a tab on what their little ones are up to in the virtual world. - Sovan Mandal, Good E-Reader  
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It's not talking specs or price, but we're expecting it to be close to the Lexibook First currently available in Europe.

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If you’re looking for a tablet for your kid, you may just want to give the Lexibook slate a try.

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Kids will also get to watch videos and listen to music on the tablet or play games. The idea is to let the current breed of tech savvy children have a device that can be as much of fun and games as it will be for study.