Lenovo Convertible Tablet on Windows RT Coming October 26th?

Lenovo is reportedly working on an IdeaPad Yoga Tablet that runs on Windows RT (ARM-based version of Windows 8) and powered by NVIDIA's Tegra 3 quad-core processor. The world's second largest PC maker touted at CES 2012 a 13.1-inch IdeaPad Yoga Tablet that would run on the full-blown Windows 8 and use Intel's Core i5 chip. The ARM-based tablet, which would be cheaper than the Intel version, is expected to hit the market in October, when Windows 8 and Windows RT are unveiled to the public.

What Else You Need To Know:

- Windows RT model is said to "double the battery life of the Intel version."

- The Yoga tablet functions as a laptop, but the screen can be folded backwards, transforming the devive into a tablet.

- The Intel version, which weighs 1.47kg and is 16.9mm thick, is said to be priced at around £1,199 ($1,880 US).

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Asus has witnessed great success with its Transformer Pad series of tablet-come-notebooks, and Microsoft and Lenovo clearly want to get in on the action. - John McCann, TechRadar  
Lenovo Preparing a Convertible Windows RT Tablet, According to Rumors  

The Wall Street Journal is saying that Lenovo is working with Nvidia on this product, saying that it will have a keyboard that flips around to turn the product into a tablet.

Lenovo Working on ARM Windows RT Tablet  

Microsoft will likely need to be more price competitive when it comes to licensing Windows RT. Right now, it is speculated that each license costs OEM $85, and pricing will likely have to come down for hardware prices to be competitive with the iPad.

Lenovo reportedly readying convertible Windows RT tablet
Tech Radar
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Lenovo reportedly prepping Intel and ARM versions of IdeaPad Yoga transforming tablet  

The company will release a Tegra-powered version running Windows RT, combining the same sexy hardware with ARM's power-sipping technology.

Tech Radar
Lenovo Yoga Windows 8 tablet to coming in Intel and ARM flavours?  

The tablet-friendly Windows RT version will be lower-powered, but boast double the battery life, according to ABC's sources.

Lenovo’s Windows RT tablet will be ARM-based IdeaPad Yoga  

ASUS is also working on a similar product, having shown off the TAICHI at Computex back in June. Featuring an Intel Ivy Bridge processor, the TAICHI comes with dual 13.3-inch and 11.6-inch displays, both running a 1080p resolution.

Lenovo’s Windows RT Tablet Will be an ARM Version of the IdeaPad Yoga  

The Intel version is rumored to cost a hefty $1800, while the Tegra one will most likely cost less.