New Kindles Coming as Current Batch on Fire Sale, Out of Stock

Amazon has cut prices of the Kindle by as much as 30% indicating that the next generation Kindle could hit the market sooner rather than later. The Internet retail giant put the 10-inch eReader Kindle DX on sale for $269, down $110 from its original price.

Backing speculation that a refresh is coming, other models are no longer available or are seeing limited supply. The Amazon Kindle Touch 3G is currently out of stock and the Wi-Fi model requires shipment in four to seven days, indicating a limited stock. Shipping times for the $99 ad-supported Kindle Touch have risen to 8 or 9 days.

Unconfirmed reports say Amazon is releasing multiple new Kindle Fires, including a new Kindle Touch with a front-lit screen.

What Else You Need To Know:

- The Kindle Touch with a front-lit screen, if released, would compete with Barnes & Noble's Nook Simple Touch WIth Glowlight.

- Amazon hasn't put its $199 tablet, the 7-inch Kindle Fire on sale.

- The fire sale of the 10-inch Kindle DX are backing speculations that a 10-inch Kindle Fire could be released to compete with the market leading 9.7-inch iPad


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If you’ve been thinking of buying a Kindle Touch, this isn’t the week. Amazon lists the Kindle Touch 3G as unavailable and has the Kindle Touch WiFi with special offers shipping in 8 to 9 days (the ad-free version is completely unavailable). That suggests the possibility of new models coming soon.

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Amazon was originally expected to announce its new Kindle lineup in July, but now it looks like we'll find everything out as soon as next week.

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It is not clear what Amazon’s plans are for the Kindle DX. But at $269, the Kindle DX is worth a serious look (even though it is still a bit overpriced).

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Based on those facts, it seems obvious that Amazon will announce new Kindles sometime within the next few weeks. The other option is the company is finally killing off the Kindle DX, and simply has supply chain issues for the Kindle Touch.

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Rumors of a new Kindle Fire have been around for several months now, and one of the more common rumors is that Amazon will make a larger screen to compete with the iPad.

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With the arrival of Google’s Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire is truly in need of an upgrade.

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Amazon has a track record of drastically reducing the price on expensive stock to clear the way for new product.

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