The iPhone 5 and its software, iOS 6, were released in September 2012, and their successors are expected about a year later. According to the Next Web, some iOS developers have been seeing new iPhone hardware and iOS 7 popping up in their app logs. One developer confirmed seeing references to an "iPhone 6,1" device that was powered by iOS 7.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Apple has been releasing only one new iPhone model each year for the past five years.
  • Apple broke the tradition of releasing only one new iPad last year by releasing the third-generation iPad in March, and a new iPad with a new A6X processor months later in November.
  • The iPhone 5 that was released in September features a high-resolution, 4-inch screen, LTE support, and an A6 processor that offers twice the performance, and is 20% lighter than its predecessors.

Other sources

We know iOS 7 is coming, we can also bet that some kind of new or updated iPhone will come this year as well. Now we have the first indications of these being in the works from server logs on a few sites. - Tris Hussey, iPhone Hacks  
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