ICS now on 20% of all Android smartphones, Jelly Bean slowly rising
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Google chairman Eric Schmidt took the opportunity during the unveiling of Motorola's latest RAZR handsets to share info on how the Android platform is doing out on today's mobile phone market. There are about 480 million Android devices out in the world today in total, with the amount of activations reaching up to 1.3 million units per day. 57.5% of those are still running Gingerbread, while ICS now accounts for 20.9% of all Android devices. Jelly Bean has been slow to rise, currently sitting at just 1.2% of all active devices.

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  • Google-owned Motorola recently unveiled a total of three new Android smartphones, all of which will ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but will be updated to Jelly Bean later this year.

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It’s good to see these numbers change for the better, but it doesn’t help matters when you have wireless providers still releasing phones with a more than two year old version of Android - Charles West, Intomobile  
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Daily activations surged from a million Android devices back in June to today’s number of 1.3 million daily activations.

Google now seeing 1.3 million Android activations every day  

Some 480 million Android devices are currently active across the globe.

1.3 million Android Devices Activated Every Day, Nearing Half a Billion Total
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Google: Jelly Bean is now powering 1.2% of Android devices, ICS sitting at 20.9%  

The leader by a longshot is still Gingerbread (OS 2.3) with 57.5%, but the good news is that it dropped over the past few weeks by 3.1%.

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Ice Cream Sandwich, meanwhile, has climbed from 15.8% to nearly 21%, which definitely sounds promising.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Now On 1.2% of Devices, Ice Cream Sandwich On 20.9%  

Jelly Bean hasn’t been advancing quite as quickly, up now to 1.2%, a small increase over last month where it debuted at .8%.

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Jelly Bean user base now stands at 1.2 percent